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A warm welcome to our home on the web! We are excited and truly grateful that you've found us.

We are all about making things beautiful and loving it! Our great passion is functions and weddings.

The services we offer - Flowers, décor, organising of hired items, and additional planning and designing of events.

Types of events we offer our services for - Birthdays, Weddings, Kitchen Teas, Stork Teas, Engagement Parties, Corporate Events, Baby Dedications - basically every every and all occasions that celebrate life and love.

The Process:

  1. 1. Contact us to arrange for agetogether to discuss your ideas and requirements for your function at +27 (0)83 233 8455.
  2. 2. You'll receive a hefty document to complete and return to us via email or fax before we meet - this aids us in preparing for your consultation. We meet to discuss the specific and finer details pertaining to our event over a cup of coffee - this can take up to two hours - so dress comfortably!
  3. 3. We prepare the quotation after this meeting - this can take up to seven working days to complete - and will send it on to you via email. The quote will be a fairly accurate indication of what the event will cost you in order for us to determine how ideas fit into your budget.
  4. 4. As soon as we receive your 25% deposit, we start working on finalizing and confirming all the details quoted for your event.
  5. 5. We'll find a suitable date and time for us to meet for a mock - here we set a table with décor for you. We can make changes and look at different options here until you are perfectly happy with what we've planned. Changes are finalized at this meeting.
  6. 6. Your function is now 14 days away and your guests have all confirmed their attendance - we do the final number changes for you to make the final payment to us immediately.
  7. 7. On the day - or possibly the day before - we start working at the venue. Having loads of fun preparing the décor for the event.
  8. 8. Should there have ben any breakages or damage to any hiring items, we send you a post payment invoice - if not we would just like to hear from you how you experienced the event and our service.
  9. 9. Once all payment and feedback has been received - we closed off your file and hope that you'll be planning a new event soon in order for us to get to meet with you again!